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Реактивный патрон к пистолету MBA Gyrojet (13 мм)

Реактивный патрон к пистолету MBA Gyrojet

кал. 13 мм, высота патрона 35,20 мм


The Gyrojets are small rockets, the only ones that have had a certain commercial life.
They start by percuting an ordinary piston that ignites the slow gunpowder charge.
The flue gases leave through the holes in the base-shape and variable number-propelling the projectile and spinning it at the same time to stabilize it.
This projectile accelerates as powder is consumed, obtaining good precision and reach.
However, in the first few meters they have a ridiculous speed that makes them imprecise and imprecise at short distance.
The weapons are light because they do not have to withstand the recoil, but in return a large jet of hot gases surrounds the hand of the shooter and gives away his position.
During the 1960s, many types of Gyrojet cartridges were actively experimented with, and pistols and rifles were sold to the public with this system.



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