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Патрон 20x105 к пулемету MG 204

Патрон 20x105 к пулемету MG 204

Патрон 20x105 MG-204 был разработан немецкой фирмой «Rheinmetall-Borsig AG» в 1939 году для автоматической авиационной пушки MG-204 и аналогичен патрону 20x105 B((«B» – belted - опоясывающий)), от которого отличается отсутствием выступающего кольцевого «пояска» (донного упора).


Rheinmetall-Borsig also made small numbers of a scaled-down 20 mm cannon, the MG 204 (initially known as the Lb 204, probably after the designer, Lübbe). The Lb 204, the final development of a series of experimental short-recoil guns including the Lb 201 and Lb 202, was based around the "Short Solothurn" 20x105B cartridge but was otherwise similar in operation to the MG C/30L. As it was intended for flexible mounting, it was fed by a 20-round double or saddle-drum, which it emptied at 500 rpm. The development history is now obscure but it appears that cartridge problems (possibly to do with the belt interfering with smooth feeding from the magazine) led to a change to a rimless 20x105 round and it saw limited service as the MG 204 in this form. Fixed versions, using either a 100-round drum or belt feed (MG 204G for Gurt = belt), were developed but not used.


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